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10 Reasons Why eBay Sucks for Sellers

Yes, I started my entrepreneurship career on eBay. My business was selling other peoples items and then taking a commission. I enjoyed making nice commissions and was even interview on television. I loved eBay then. Now I don’t. Here are 10 reasons why I think eBay sucks for sellers. I’m not the only one who hates eBay, so many people have eBay problems.

1. Illegitimate feedback

If a buyer gives you a negtive feedback for no reason, you can’t remove it. There goes your entire reputation and sometimes your entire business.

2. Annoying rules

For example in the last 12 hours of an auction you can’t change images. A potential buyer emailed me to notify me that I had put the wrong picture on the auction page.  There was no bid but because there were only 10 hours left,  I couldn’t change the picture, and what do you know, no sale.

3. Bogus buyers

No more negative feedback for bogus buyers, meaning that buyers who don’t pay for their winning bids cannot be penalized by the seller. This too destroys the entire feedback system.

4. Fees

EBay’s sale commission is a good chunk plus you have to pay for every listing detail practically. Subtitle: $.50, picture: $.25, bold title: $1, etc.

5. PayPal

If you use PayPal which is very handy for eBay selling you’re going to be ripped off. They continually take more and more commissions. Plus eBay owns PayPal so you are charged 3 times, listing, commission and PayPal!

6. Refunds

Someone can buy your item using PayPal, receive the item, and then lie and say that it was not shipped. PayPal will then refund them the entire purchase amount.

8. Shipping

Everything relies on shipping. The postal service once lost a small expensive package I sold; the buyer had not pay for insurance. So I had to wait for weeks to find out what happened, and then reimburse the item from my pocket!

9. Free alternative – Craigslist

There’s just no incentive to sell on eBay when you have Craigslist. It’s 100% free, the buying market is huge, its easy, no shipping involved, door to door. What more could you ask for?

10. Terrible customer service

If you have a problem with a sale or purchase, you have to go through bots and finally days later receive a humans actual help.

* Messy interface

Every time eBay seems to update their interface and website it gets worse. No matter how many people complain the site just becomes worse.

So even though I started a successful eBay business I have moved on. If you use eBay, let me know what you think.

Alternatives to eBay:

Feel free to share your experience with eBay below.

  • JB

    Here is where Ebay has it wrong, the buyers are sellers, so pissing off the money makers is bad business.

  • Biggus Dickus

    ebay totally sucks now. and especially if you use paypal – they snatch another big chunk of your saleprice. I sold for 145 bucks and paypal charged me 5,28 bucks on this deal alone!

  • Ben Dover

    Just tried to sell an item on eBay (it’s been a long time since I have listed anything) and found out that I am now REQUIRED to use PayPal (do not have an account and do not want one) and I cannot ask for a money order (which is what I have always done). You cannot mention “cash” (I accept cash for local pickups). eBay was a terrific tool years ago now it is a bloated pig of a site. I now refuse to do business on there, either buy or sell. Amazon isn’t much better as you have to verify who you are; BS, it’s none of their business who I am. These companies just take and take (much like our wonderful government).

    This is what is wrong with our country, we rely on these giant companies to handle our personal business when they have no idea who we are or care one bit about us. Target, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Bank of America, the list goes on. It’s time to do business with the small guys again. The people who know our name and don’t ask for a date of birth or your SSN.

  • T B S

    Here have one for you
    , we sold a new in the package canopy top the buyer used it then told ebay, that it was the wrong size ( after it was clearly used and stretched out ), but ebay sent them a full refund on an item that was non sellable item and we had to eat it. Soon as make the change were out of her. We told ebay that tell needed to start pay our light bill if they are going to handle our refunds. Soon as we clear up everything we are out there and we recommend that you do not sell on Ebay!!!!!!!! Go to Amazon, or Craigs List!!!!!



  • Joshua D Bird

    Screw ebay and paypal. I’m sick of non paying buyers. Auctions on ebay should be set up to automatically deduct final value sale of an auction item. If the buyer’s payment doesn’t go through on his winning auction, transaction cancelled and buyer charged a restocking fee. I’m sick of non payment on auctions. I’m sick of buyers purchasing items and then requesting refunds. Paypal now charges 30 cents for every refund you do. We are basically blackmailed into kissing our buyers asses. Even though they are usually wrong. So we can keep selling on ebay. We are bullied into losing money so we don’t receive bad rating and get banned. Ebay buyers are ridiculous. Buyers don’t read descriptions then whine item not as described. I’ve received bad marks because of stupid buyers.

  • Greg

    By all means – eBay has turned into a Nazi organization. No customer service whatsoever. I too got a blatant lying bitch who left obvious negative feedback. The customer service rep even told me it was quite obvious she was lying. I tried for over 2 weeks to get the feedback removed. After over an hour on the phone, I told them to Fuck off – I then closed out my account – and I will never deal with them ever again. Today, I got a call that began “we have reviewed your account and … I interrupted – excuse me, you had your chance – now – PISS OFF ! I will post every day from now til the end of the year on my FB page and anywhere else I can about what a shitty company eBay is !!

  • Ebay Hater

    Ebay cheating and lying in a big way and you have no way
    to correct them as it is almost impossible to contact them
    and should you succeed they do not answer back. They charge you for
    Seller fee’s while at the same time they hold your funds back for weeks
    so they can make more money SHAME on you Ebay you suck’s.

  • jac

    wow i just ordered sometime on ebay i just hope it gets to me so i can stop using ebay

  • Debbie Desousa

    Welcome all Ebay sellers Come sell with us.

  • Debbie Desousa

    Welcome all Ebay sellers Come sell with us.

  • Ebay sucks!!!

    Ebay sucks!!! Liars!!! Thieves!!!!! A p.o.s buyer can lie and without ANY proof…POOF your money is GONE!!!

  • Jimtaryon

    Unfortunately, today I get to add my horror story (since I’ve now been on hold listening to their nightmare inducing music for over an hour).

    Sold a refurbished item. Actual up to date pictures of the item on it’s own and int he box before I sealed it. It came from the factory, perfect working order. I unpacked it, made sure it worked, took photos, packed it back in the same box, took photos, sealed it. Sold it.

    Almost a WEEK after it ARRIVED, the buyer opens case and starts in about how it’s not really refurbished, it’s scuffed on the outside. OF COURSE IT IS! It is int he photos too, AND the description. Because they didn’t change the outside. The fixed the inside and replaced some parts. Thats what the word means.

    But I offered partial refund anyway. He bitched for a few weeks and NEVER said what he actually wanted. I offered full refund. I offered to pay if he wanted to send it back to the factory. I offered to send him partial refund to do whatever the hell he wanted. He just wanted to continue stalling.

    SO I (NOT HIM, ME) escalated the ticket asking ebay to rule for return the item for full refund.

    He still kept it the maximum time after that before finally sending it…so he had it for half the summer (It’s a pool item, it WILL NOT SELL this time of year now), and it’s obvious he’s been using it for free. He just dumped it back in the box, didn’t even tape it shut, and sent it back. Dirty by the way, from him using the item he claimed didn’t work.

    And the only reason I escalated to full refund was because on the phone ebay told me that I would have 3 days to make sure he sent back the same thing he got, and not something he’d been using all summer, and be able to dispute before sending the refund.


    They auto-refunded him right away. The full amount, not taking into account the sellers fees they charged me.

    So now I get to sit on hold ALL NIGHT to dispute the fact that I basically just paid for the privilege of lending him a pool cleaner for the summer. STILL ON HOLD WHILE TYPING btw.

    This on top of the multiple times competitors have bid up items then disappeared without paying just to keep me from selling the same thing they were selling has made me start to hope that the reason I’m on hold is because there was some sort of horrific accident at HQ.