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10 Reasons Why eBay Sucks for Sellers

Yes, I started my entrepreneurship career on eBay. My business was selling other peoples items and then taking a commission. I enjoyed making nice commissions and was even interview on television. I loved eBay then. Now I don’t. Here are 10 reasons why I think eBay sucks for sellers. I’m not the only one who hates eBay, so many people have eBay problems.

1. Illegitimate feedback

If a buyer gives you a negtive feedback for no reason, you can’t remove it. There goes your entire reputation and sometimes your entire business.

2. Annoying rules

For example in the last 12 hours of an auction you can’t change images. A potential buyer emailed me to notify me that I had put the wrong picture on the auction page.  There was no bid but because there were only 10 hours left,  I couldn’t change the picture, and what do you know, no sale.

3. Bogus buyers

No more negative feedback for bogus buyers, meaning that buyers who don’t pay for their winning bids cannot be penalized by the seller. This too destroys the entire feedback system.

4. Fees

EBay’s sale commission is a good chunk plus you have to pay for every listing detail practically. Subtitle: $.50, picture: $.25, bold title: $1, etc.

5. PayPal

If you use PayPal which is very handy for eBay selling you’re going to be ripped off. They continually take more and more commissions. Plus eBay owns PayPal so you are charged 3 times, listing, commission and PayPal!

6. Refunds

Someone can buy your item using PayPal, receive the item, and then lie and say that it was not shipped. PayPal will then refund them the entire purchase amount.

8. Shipping

Everything relies on shipping. The postal service once lost a small expensive package I sold; the buyer had not pay for insurance. So I had to wait for weeks to find out what happened, and then reimburse the item from my pocket!

9. Free alternative – Craigslist

There’s just no incentive to sell on eBay when you have Craigslist. It’s 100% free, the buying market is huge, its easy, no shipping involved, door to door. What more could you ask for?

10. Terrible customer service

If you have a problem with a sale or purchase, you have to go through bots and finally days later receive a humans actual help.

* Messy interface

Every time eBay seems to update their interface and website it gets worse. No matter how many people complain the site just becomes worse.

So even though I started a successful eBay business I have moved on. If you use eBay, let me know what you think.

Alternatives to eBay:

Feel free to share your experience with eBay below.

  • bluepeahen

    I pretty much agree with most of the comments.
    The new picture 1600 pixel thing is killing me.
    I spent 3 months taking new pics, or adjusting my old ones.
    After uploading 146 items, they claim 56 of my pics are too small.
    Not true.
    I called Ebay , they agree the pics meet the standard.
    Then they sent me a $25 bill for talking to them.

  • bluepeahen

    So, what’s the alternative?



  • Eventrader

    Florida Free Classifieds
    No fees! Ebay screws you, this site is 100% free help spread the word. More states will be added as the site grows, please support and dont use Ebay!

  • Annie

    I’m in the process of getting fucked over as I type. I will make this as short as possible. 2 weeks ago I sold a $400.00 dlr coat the same day the buyer paided I mailed it out. The coat was in excellent condition. 2 days later she reports she got the coat I get great feed back from the buyer. She loved the coat she said the coat was warm and great etc…. 3 days later I get notice from ebay stating the buyer wants a full refund because the coat has a broken zipper. Mind you that bitch wore the coat and after wearing the coat she is now claiming the coat is broken! I’m beyond mad at this point. That bitch has the coat and has had it for days now and I still haven’t seen a red cent as ebay is holding the money hostage! ! I pretty sure I never will either! l will most likley end up with a coat that someone else wore and broke. Once this issue is resolved I’m removing the other items I have for sale and closing the account! EAT SHIT AND DIE ebay Cooporate BASTARDS!

  • Emmett Mavy

    How can we add to the list of alternatives? Its new but an innovative concept to selling online.

  • dean

    They are horrible – customer service is the worse. Nobody there communicates with one another (especially talking to somebody in a foreign land) and even though they say they take “notes” they really don’t. Customer service people lie and pacify you with a canned response. Unwarranted feedback policies are horrible – and they won’t stand behind bad buyers and good sellers with once 100% feedback. I’m not going to sell one more item with them. Choose another auction company.

  • ebaysuck

    fuck eBay pice of shit robing money of people

  • Katherine Peredo

    I have been selling on eBay for at least 12
    years (used to sell a lot more, but now just minimal) have 100% positive except
    for one neutral. The person who left
    neutral was unhappy with the shipping fees.
    I clearly state shipping fees and details of combining in my
    listings. I have to do this because
    someone ships my items for me since I have been housebound taking care of a
    terminally ill mother. However this
    person left neutral and rated me low stars on communication and shipping fees,
    since she was not happy with shipping fees.
    She bought like 10 items at a huge discount; but since it was only 4
    transactions she expected more discount on shipping than I could give (since it
    was still 10 items). Then on feed back
    she posted on 1 item that I charged $31 for shipping, effectively making it
    look like she was charged that much for 1 item. Since I am no longer selling large quantities
    of items this one feedback left me “below standard”. They flipping cancelled my seller account,
    AFTER 12 YEARS! One ignorant buyer can
    close my account. I spoke to customer
    service and they (while seeming sympathetic) claimed there was nothing that
    could be done. I am ousted. HOLY CRAP!
    Great service, immediate communication for 12 years and 1 customer puts
    me out of eBay because I do not sell a massive amount of product the one REALLY

  • Ackalon33

    I just found my reason why I WILL NEVER SELL ON EBAY AGAIN! First off, I’ve been using eBay for more than 10 years and have nearly a 400 feedback score and before this “wake up call,” I had 100% feedback. I had got 40 PS Plus cards for $30 each on black Friday and recently sold them on ebay. I had in my post twice saying DELIVERY VIA EMAIL. Everything went fine except for buyer andrewdklee who knew I made a mistake by not posting in the classifieds section (as opposed to the regular auction where I had posted). He used the code the next morning I sent it to him and TWO MINUTES LATER, he sent me a message saying it didn’t work. I found out the time by contacting SONY. I had taken a pic of the unused card with the buyers information in the background, a pic of the card itself, and pics of SONY chat where I confirmed the code numbers and time/date it had been used. Proof enough, right? NOT FOR EBAY! They told me I had mis-listed it and if I had a tracking number and sent the code to guy, they would have given me the $40.99 they held in my PayPal account. They also told me I should have listed it in their classifieds section where THERE IS NO BUYER PROTECTION! (I didn’t even know about the classifieds section!) I said, “Wouldn’t it be easy for sellers to scam buyers there?” He claimed they had ways of detecting mis-use of their system and acted like he would know if I was to try it. BULL SHIT! I’m sure they flagged my account and I would lose if I ever had a problem as buyer. You know, I even brought up the fact that in the Shipping section of my listing, I selected “LOCAL PICKUP ONLY” and he STILL wanted a shipping confirmation number. WTF?! I spent over an hour arguing with “customer service.” That scammer got my for $40.99 and left bad feedback. Like others have said, BUYERS ARE KING. Sellers DO NOT get any protection. If you’re selling on eBay, STOP NOW, or you’ll be posting your story too. Needless to say I removed my bank accounts from PayPal. EBAY IS FULL OF DISHONEST PEOPLE. I use CRAIGSLIST now.

  • Soldier

    Craigslist is the way to go if you ain’t a pussy. If you’re afraid of selling stuff on Craigslist, then carry a gun on you and put a bullet into any Trayvon Martin that tries to play the knockout game on you. Sure you’ll be branded a racist by the Liberal Media, but at least you’ll be alive still.

  • Thomas

    Ive been buying on ebay for a while and been extremely happy with the deals. But my recent selling experience was bad enough. ListingDock is another great platfrom to buy/sell anything, so far great experience.

  • Lou

    Just been told off eBay after waiting for half an hour that I’m not allowed to sell anything even though I have 100% feedback and been a member for ten years !! When I said I bought an item off a sellar who had 0% feedback she couldn’t even come up with a reason !! Moving to Amazon !! Robbing gits !!!

  • cybrscot

    I’m tired, I’m going to say it here first, then I’m going to
    social networking and other means of telling the world that ebay and
    paypal do a terrible job of helping their sellers. They put rule after
    rule, restriction after restriction on us. I use Etsy and Amazon and
    have never had a restriction, a block, a phone call…NOTHING!! There
    is currently a problem with my account that my Ebay UK funds get held
    for 21 days but my Ebay US funds don’t. Last month on the 15th Mary
    Palmer at CS Ebay supposedly fixed everything and my funds were
    released. Then exactly 30 days later on March 15th they started getting
    held again. I’ve send about 10 emails, and the funny thing is
    everybody has replied that they agree my account is in good standing
    and my DSR’s are high , my feedback is still 100% positive with an open
    account since 2008!! I exceed ALL the requirement that they use to hold
    funds. The messages I’ve received all indicate that I’m right, but they
    don’t know why my funds are being held. I keep getting messages and
    replies from different people. Nobody has seen this issue through and
    actually fixed it. My funds are still held. One paypal guy actually
    first said that he could see my account was good and everything looked
    okay, then later in the email he asked me to get ebay to send me a
    message stating that my account was in good standing!!! WTH? I have to
    do the work? They are the same company. Meanwhile, ebay still hasnt’
    replied at all for this latest issue, all my **bleep**py replies have
    been from Paypal. Last month they sent me a message…”We’re
    sorry…thank you for being a valued customer and we released all your
    funds”…. I asked them to do it this month and they said, “no we did
    that once for you already”. WOW!! They did me a favor? My funds are
    NOT supposed to be held in the first place. Everybody at paypal and ebay
    are trusting their system and assuming it’s error free. Nobody is
    listening to me or reviewing the problem in depth. The latest paypal
    rep exp. that before they could release funds when a buyer left pos
    feeback but now that have a new policy….blah blah….New Policy? Just
    now as of March 15? No warning? No banner? No new terms and conditions?
    No notice to seller about this fundamental change?? Uh….that’s a
    lie. I don’t think they just changed their policy last week. Further,
    she sent a reply as if I’m a member wanting to know how to get my funds
    released and assumng that my funds are held for valid reasons. (again
    assuming the system is working) My question is not how to get my funds
    released. I am an experience seller with a proven track record who
    exceeds all the following as put fourth by paypal and ebay:

    Why are my funds being held?

    PayPal payment holds are typically placed on accounts that do not meet all of the following criteria:

    90 days have passed since the first successful eBay sale.

    More than 25 transactions have been completed on the site.

    More than £165 has been generated in total sales.

    If the account had been suspended previously and has been reinstated more than 90 days ago

    The seller status on the account is Standard or above

    Without any holds on the account, buyers’ payments will be available almost immediately.

  • compustrat

    Ebay sucks.
    I got scammed out of $20. Buyer said they didn’t receive shipment, then filed a dispute with paypal. Buyer promptly deleted eBay account. Ok, you got me. But eBay still wants their stupid $2.50. Oh and customer service is an Indian that can barely speak English and has no understanding of anything.

  • Allie

    Ebay is actually the worst website in the entire world filled with incompetent employees who make up policies as they go along. I was restricted from ebay along with my sister because our mother was restricted and they didn’t want us “to be like her.” There is no way that there is a written rule for that. I make ebay at least 150 a month by selling things on their retarded fucking website and I regret using it.

  • Alex

    I was selling on eBay for several years. The only one thing I can tell STAY AWAY from eBay as a seller!!!! With cheap eBay customers and high eBay and PayPal fees you will never make money, only problems. Buyers have rights to leave negative feedbacks for any reason. eBay works only for cheap people. I’m so happy that i have regular job and I WILL NEVER SELL ON eBAY anymore!!! THE WORST MARKETPLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isabella

    Thanks for the awareness, this post might be useful to many readers. In my case, I do super well on ListingDock, excellent and most wanted marketplace these days.