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10 Reasons Why eBay Sucks for Sellers

Yes, I started my entrepreneurship career on eBay. My business was selling other peoples items and then taking a commission. I enjoyed making nice commissions and was even interview on television. I loved eBay then. Now I don’t. Here are 10 reasons why I think eBay sucks for sellers. I’m not the only one who hates eBay, so many people have eBay problems.

1. Illegitimate feedback

If a buyer gives you a negtive feedback for no reason, you can’t remove it. There goes your entire reputation and sometimes your entire business.

2. Annoying rules

For example in the last 12 hours of an auction you can’t change images. A potential buyer emailed me to notify me that I had put the wrong picture on the auction page.  There was no bid but because there were only 10 hours left,  I couldn’t change the picture, and what do you know, no sale.

3. Bogus buyers

No more negative feedback for bogus buyers, meaning that buyers who don’t pay for their winning bids cannot be penalized by the seller. This too destroys the entire feedback system.

4. Fees

EBay’s sale commission is a good chunk plus you have to pay for every listing detail practically. Subtitle: $.50, picture: $.25, bold title: $1, etc.

5. PayPal

If you use PayPal which is very handy for eBay selling you’re going to be ripped off. They continually take more and more commissions. Plus eBay owns PayPal so you are charged 3 times, listing, commission and PayPal!

6. Refunds

Someone can buy your item using PayPal, receive the item, and then lie and say that it was not shipped. PayPal will then refund them the entire purchase amount.

8. Shipping

Everything relies on shipping. The postal service once lost a small expensive package I sold; the buyer had not pay for insurance. So I had to wait for weeks to find out what happened, and then reimburse the item from my pocket!

9. Free alternative – Craigslist

There’s just no incentive to sell on eBay when you have Craigslist. It’s 100% free, the buying market is huge, its easy, no shipping involved, door to door. What more could you ask for?

10. Terrible customer service

If you have a problem with a sale or purchase, you have to go through bots and finally days later receive a humans actual help.

* Messy interface

Every time eBay seems to update their interface and website it gets worse. No matter how many people complain the site just becomes worse.

So even though I started a successful eBay business I have moved on. If you use eBay, let me know what you think.

Alternatives to eBay:

Feel free to share your experience with eBay below.

  • jen

    Be VERY careful what you sell! E Bay Suspened my account for 1 year because they said I had a trademarck violation, when I contacted them to find out what it was they said someone reported I was in tradmark violation. I ask E Bay what the violation was they said they didn’t know but there was nothing they could do!

    What a way to get rid of your competion! Just said they are selling something you don’t like and they kick them off E Bay!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Bernie D

    eBay policies are un-American.  I was banned for life with only one warning and no suspension for high shipping ratings.  I was given no chance to rectify the issue, banned for life, no questions asked.  I had a 981 feedback rating (100% positive) over 10 years.  This was a major hit to my business.  I am now rooting for eBay to fail miserably because of their flawed, Nazi policies.


  • Cwishinskyyy

    Just the fact that buyers can leave sellers negative feedback and sellers can not leave buyers and feedback but positive is screwed up right there, it always gives them an upper hand, I have had many times where a buyer thinks they are intitled to some kind of discount, they like the item and want to keep it, not getting a full refund, but want a discount and money back, and that doesnt make sense. you cant go to Walmart, buy something and keep it, and then complain and ask for half your money back, thats just common sense.  but on ebay you can….I sold some guy some brand new face antiwrinkle cream and he claimed they expired but continued to use them and didnt want a refund but wanted 50 percent of his money back and because I didnt gave me negative feedback!  and of course I called ebay, they stated I was right but could not do anything about and straight up said that “that if buyers feel that the product isnt up to satisfaction and want a refund or partial refund back, no matter what the case is, if you dont do it and they want to give you negative feedback, that its allowed”  thats pretty much what a superviser said to me…I DONT KNOW HOW THAT IS IN ANYWAY FAIR AND PROPER BUSINES PROTOCOL”  I HATE EBAY…I sell alot of used vintage items…anyone have any good suggestions of a better place to sale???? please let me know…thanks

  • Bill=(

    Ebays fees are a rip off at best. After you list the item for a fee, sell the item for a fee, ship the item for a fee, and try to transfer the money to your bank for a fee your lucky if you even break even on your sold goods. I’ve been lucky so far with all positive feedback but I think it’s only because they don’t let you leave bad feedback anymore even if you’ve been screwed by the seller. I’ve opened a claim for an unpaid item and ebay refused to credit my account. they still charged me a “final value fee” that was months ago and I still haven’t been paid by the buyer…. and they wont let me leave him bad feedback. AND don’t even get me started on paypal! I’ve been double charged a many times…… good luck trying t resolve a problem…put a hat on so you don’t pull your hair out!!! EBAY SUCKS!!!!!!! but I’m sure I dont need to tell anyone whos navigated to this page, cause they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t as frustrated as I am.

  • bill=(

    Does anyone have a good alternitive to EBay. Pleeeeease let me in on it. I’d like to tell Ebay and Paypal to go F#$# themselvse but they seem to be the only game in town to sell used goods. Craigslist is great but how can I trust that I won’t get mugged delivering my items?

    • Prashant Saraswat

      Hi Bill,

      I did create a detailed post above and I hope I won’t be taken as a spammer. But please take a look at We just launched it a few days and we strongly believe that it is a credible alternative to ebay.





    just remember, ebay has NO OFFICIAL helping staff, just a bunch or morons who want you to think they can but when the poop hits the fan, help is not there…(suspended member who has successfully come back stealth)

  • Bobbygw

    Yep I too am so fed up with Ebay. I sold an item and the buyer stated it was not as described which it was 100% the buyer filed a complaint with ebay and after I responded my side of the issue Ebay made a full refund to the buyer. After the item was returned the buyer had changed out items and not much was what I had sent to her, Contacted Ebay after 1 1/2 hours on the phone they could not do anything but give me the runaround. They sided with the buyer. I was charged for the total refund plus the fee ebay charges and paypal fees. THEY JUST KEEP RIPPING OFF SELLERS!!!! Called and tried to cancle my account hummm can’t do that for 14 days..Ebay get the hell out of town. They really suck and they know nothing can be done about it. PLEASE DON’T SELL OR BUY ON EBAY. Support the ones who have been screwed!!!

  • obewandakobe

    I am being forced off eBay by them putting other peoples’ products on my listing, priced much lower than mine.  Wholesale prices even.  Guess you know whose they buy.  My sales have dropped to O.  I was told by a customer rep that the site belonged to eBay and they could do anything they wanted to with your listing.  Nice caring folks aren’t they.

  • Pheoneo

    I agree with all of the post ebay is shiiiiittte. Someone really needs to rival ebay, nubidz looks good but needs a load of money to get traffic and sellers on there. PLEASE SOMEONE PUT SOME MONEY INTO A GREAT AUCTION SITE ! tht actually helps us sellers not rips them off!

  • Dora Burger

    Ebay used to be a good place to sell. Besides stealing 1/2 all of your sales, what burns me the most is the stupid buyers. They all wait until the last minute to bid and screw the seller. If you seller for 1 cent more than 9.99 nobody bids. I have great stuff new in the box for many years. But  I rather burn it than give it to some idiot that wants to pay less than what it cost me. Like I stored it for 15 years so you can have mint. Hell no!  I hate buyers they are all a bunch of pennypinching bloodsucking idiots. I hate Ebay too. Fuck you-eat shit and die 1000 times…

  • Dora Burger

    I am amaze on how cheap Ebay buyers are. I had 180 views and 28 watches on one of my auctions. Only two bids. Cheap A holes.

  • Fashionfreak

    I can’t believe that there are so many people that hate Ebay, yet Ebay doesn’t care to do anything about it. I have been selling just for a few months, and hate it badly! Like, everyone else already said, customers are allowed to leave negative feedback just because they feel like. As a seller, I have done my best to keep customers pleased, but some people are just difficult to deal with, and liars at the same time! I had a 100% feedback, until some liars left – feedback, and now my items barely sell. ugh! =/

  • Look_up_at_the_Chemtrails

    Ebay blows. I have survived two close calls of getting screwed on it from buyers. There will be no third time. I’m shutting it down for good.

  • jez

    I sold an item via action. The auction started at .99. The winner didn’t ask any questions. She thought it was a priceless heirloom. When it wasn’t, she said she wanted her money back plus shipping because the description was “fraudulent.” I repeated that I would refund her money minus shipping when I got the item back. She complained to ebay. THEY GAVE HER A TOTAL REFUND WITHOUT WAITING OR EVEN REQUIRING THAT SHE RETURN THE MERCHANDISE. Trying to close the account has been impossible. Ebay keeps telling me they have to wait for this or that. They can’t help me because they don’t see an error. What I have on my screen is not what they have on their screen. It’s insane. I HATE them and will never do business with Ebay or Paypal again. (I will be closing my Paypal account as well).


    so I sell a perfect $500 item and ship overnight after waiting 3 days for scammer to pay he calls me on the phone at sunrise saying item damaged shipping what no no not shipping you misrepresented this item WHAT then he goes on and on about how much he knows about ebay so freaking what who cares. Well I should have recorded the conversation cuz Now I get a different damaged item back that cannot be sold and scammer gets my money back and my perfect item WOW where is the so called protection in the pictures provided the item magically changed color EBAY SUCKS



  • TaeKwonDoLeslie

    Wow! You are 100% correct. You
    could not have said it better. As of yesterday, I am going to end my business
    with Ebay because some obviously angry lady left me my first negative feedback
    of which I did not deserve. She was
    annoyed at me after I simply emailed her asking her if she needed more time to pay
    for an item that she chose to buy from me three days prior by using the “Buy It
    Now” option. She responded by telling me
    that I was rude etc etc. I just had it
    up to my neck and cancelled the sale because prior to her email I had a gentlemen
    really harassing me about combining two items. Then I noticed that she paid with the 7 day
    waiting option of e-check of which makes the seller look bad too because you
    cannot send the item until the e-check clears into PayPal. Long story short she left me my first negative
    feedback advising people that I am rude, uneducated, buyer beware because I
    cancelled her item for no reason. She
    also wrote it all in caps as if she were yelling. Then at the same time Ebay
    doesn’t allow sellers to post negative feedback in return. I then had a 9 hour phone conversation with
    several Ebay customer service representatives to try to have the feedback
    removed as if they did read my emails they would clearly see that I did not
    deserve it. Especially because never had
    negative feedback and I had 410 positive feedback saying wonderful things about
    me. Then the Ebay representative said that I had to email a request to the
    buyer to have the item formally cancelled.
    Guess what! The buyer didn’t agree of course, therefore I don’t count. I then replied to my negative feedback and she
    was able to reply again saying that I am “off my rocker” and that I
    said that she ruined me. She also said
    that I was uneducated and that I was harassing her. I have no way in responding to this nut and to
    top it off, I still have to pay for the listing fee even though I cancelled her
    attempted payment transaction. Then some person that I also cancelled on the
    same night sent me a horrible email saying I just read the negative feedback
    and God knows how many cancellations you have done. This person had to be
    cancelled because before the auction was over for two of the items he bid on he
    said he could “not live with paying $11.00 in shipping” as I told him
    that I would combine both items if he won them and only charge him for priority
    mail flat rate package that costs me $11.35 to California from Florida. I also
    told him that it would cost more due to the weight of the items if I sent if
    via parcel post and that was the best option. I had to cancel his bids because
    since he was being so difficult with this now imagine what he could once he got
    the items. I was only trying to avoid the negative feedbacks that Ebay allows
    just anyone to post.

  • redshoeplanet

    Great forum…I now subscribe! I’ve consulted and worked for some pretty well known companies including the Vampire Squid (AKA Goldman Sachs @ 85 Broad Street, also Google)…I say this because I have a fair amount of observational and direct experience with companies who exceed expectations with their customers and those who take an arrogant / adversarial approach. After my experience last night, I quickly figured out which camp ebay falls into…arrogant & adversarial.

    I retired at age 38 and set up an ebay business to help support my girlfriend’s horse rescue. Within 4 months we were selling $500-700 p/week with a 25-80% margin which helped pay for grain.
    As our volume was increasing I kept getting notifications as we listed new items that I should call ebay to ‘discuss our goals to avoid interruptions’ (we had a premium store @~$50p/month plus selling fees of $250-400).
    I called, to discuss and was directed to one of those call center type personalities in the mid-west who from moment one wanted to ensure I knew how POWERFUL he was…He asked me my name of which I gave along with my intern who set-up the account. I had tried to take off the interns name before with customer service but was unsuccessful. This guy said woa-woa, if you’re not Harley I have to verify and find you somewhere on the account. I said, Okay, all the shipping, paypal accounts (you guys own) are all linked to me so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    I further explained the main name on the account was an intern who I asked to show my young boys how to sell on ebay as they wanted new iPhones. I told my boys they could have them as long as they learned to work for them / earned it through a business on ebay. To make this long story short, the guy came back on and said ‘minors can’t sign our agreement so we are suspending you account’ (what a way to try to work through a problem with one of your customers who gives you a job!). The fact is my intern was 25 of which I re-explained, my son was a minor but the signing was done by the 25 year old who worked for me.

    That’s how my account was suspended and I had 15 orders waiting to go out of customers who undoubtedly bought from me because I was a Top Seller with 99% positive feedback. Ebay not only impacted our little business but those customer orders that were all cancelled because a call center rep. hired and trained by ebay likes to try to make other peoples lives as miserable as his…

    By the way, I did call back as I know a few wanker-bankers close to ebay leadership…my call reference number is 1-4406579425 because they wouldn’t let me speak with a manager. So, i’l go through the people I do know…The Decline and Fall of the Ebay Empire … so deserved, history always repeats itslef

  • Unhappy Ebayer

    I guess I will chime in. Ebay very much let’s the buyer do whatever he or she desires.

    I sold a 20 year old vinyl record on Ebay. It was unopened. The packaging was in great condition. It had 2 small tears in the outside plastic. Which were noted clearly in the auction. The record sold for $100.00. I mailed it to the buyer. He gets it and complains that the inside paper sleeve has bent corners and wants half of his money back. I figure at this point that this record is opened and its value diminished, I don’t want it back. I offer him $25.00. He says that will be fine. The next day he files a dispute claiming the record is scratched and unplayable. I respond to the dispute with. It was a sealed record, how can it possibly have been scratched? Ebay finds in his favor. He sends me the record back and the record inside is obviously not one that was just opened. The middle sticker is worn. The record is definitely scratched but it is a needle scratch. I appeal Ebays decision to find in his favor. Ebay says someone will contact you within 72 hours. No one does. A week later I contact Ebay and get no reply. I didn’t even bother calling them because I figure it will get nothing acclomplished.

  • Unhappy Ebayer

    I had a brand new piece of exercise equipment. It was sealed in the box. I opened it and checked to make sure that all of the pieces were there. Then sold it on Ebay. The buyer receives it and claims that 2 pieces were missing. Ebay finds in his favor. I get the item back and it cost less for him to ship it to me than it did for me to ship it to him, because it weighed less when he shipped it back. Ebay ignored my appeal again.

  • UncleMonkey

    I hate paying a listing fee, commison on sale, commisson on shipping plus paypal fees. I have has several listings canceled because of certain text in the listing. They quote the offending text and it is not even in my listing! To make matters worse they then still charge me a listing fee!!!!

  • Chris C.

    What I find bizarre is that sellers are adamant complaining about fraudulent buyers, but no one seems to be addressing fraudulent sellers, REFUNDING THROUGH PAYPAL FOR AN ITEM THAT WAS WON AT TOO LOW A PRICE FOR THE SELLER.

    It has happened to me several times that a seller basically refunded the transaction on a pretext and it ALWAYS happened when the winning bid was low and made it a real good deal for me.

    THAT IS FRAUD, just as when a buyer refuses to purchase an item he won.

    eBay rules DON’T just favor buyers. Before the existing rules gave protection to buyers, I had lost a LOT of money to non delivering eBay fraud artists. Remember the story of the seller selling a picture of a cell phone for hundreds of dollars instead of the cell phone itself?

  • Cornholed

    Ebay sucks sold an item 3 days ago wont see any money till the 23rd of this month WTF!! I dont have the item any more and its on its way to whoever but im getin cornholed while Ebay and paypal ad the money the got from the buyer to THEIR kitty and make money on my money!?They let me sit here with my thumb up my ass waiting till the Ebay and PayPal gods deem me worthy.What a crock of BS!!

  • mike

    I just received from e-bay thanks for resolving a complaint with my buyer. I started selling again on e-bay and was ripped off twice by buyers in 12 transactions. Buyer claimed item was lost. When I got USPS involved they suddenly found it. Buyer claimed dish was broken and sent me a picture of a different dish. He then threatened me with negative feedback that cost me $70.00 buy your wholly owned PayPal. YOU do not protect buyers and put your customer service on the shoulders of the post office instead of good business practices. I have over 800 positive feedback with 100% satisfaction. Your allow fraud to be wholesale along with your partner PayPal. I most likely will not continue with e-bay because it has deteriorated to the point it isn’t a viable selling tool.

    Mike Spotswood

  • Joe Bagadonuts

    Oh yeah Craigslist is awesome – you go from having the entire world as a potential customer to everyone within driving distance. Everything I see on Craigslist can’t sell for 60% of what its worth because you have infinite less customers in your area. no pictures on the listing results either, not until you click each item, and the search results suck. All you get is a nice blue colored link that looks like its from the first TRON. And if PayPal is so sketchy, then how sketchy is it to deal with someone on craisglist coming to your house or setting up a pay & ship deal? You either only offer it for local pickup, which kills your client base, or you do something way riskier than eBay and paypal. So you just pissed out all your potential fees and profits via ebay by listing on craigslist. Nice suggestion.

  • PowereBaySeller

    eBay Sucks, i hate them so much…

  • Psychodelia

    I’m so glad I found out what a pack of shitbags eBay are before I did much selling with them. Have bought heaps over 7 years but only sold one item (a football ticket) when I tried selling another item (2 football tickets). Checked my item the other day to say 2 ‘watches’ on it and it was on 2nd or third page – when I went to find the sucker today – buried on page 10 and auction closes tomorrow – heaps of other tickets for same game closing days after, effectively ‘crueling’ any chance I have of selling it. I miraculously got through, regrettably to someone akin to a trained monkey, he kept saying “ok” to every ridiculous comment he made – I asked to speak to a supervisor – kept dangling – finally he comes back and says supervisor will call me back immediately after current phone call – 5 hours later hahahahahahah!!!!! Didn’t hold my breath fortunately for me. Apparently I am not a ‘power seller’ so am entitled to treated like crud. How are you to get a good seller feedback if they bury your items so they don’t sell? From what I have read today on several sites, eBay has an OVERWHELMINGLY BAAAADDDDDDD reputation, certainly in the eyes of most sellers. And it is beyond disgusting that buyers can ‘cruel’ the name of a good and honest seller but sellers have take whatever crap dished out by deceitful sellers. Ok the majority of sellers are probably good but come on guys plenty aren’t. Anyway I will no longer do any business with them and I hope more and more people come to see what a lousy company they are and they go broke – should be jail probably the people who run it.

  • Psychodelia

    crikey guys, sorry didn’t review my post a few seconds ago before sending – I meant to say ‘deceitful BUYERS’ can cruel the reputation of honest sellers when sellers cannot do the same to ‘deceitful buyers’. Sorry, but I still HATE eBAY!!!!!! With a passion!

  • die ebay die

    Just a warning for those looking to go back to ebay.. DON’T!!!!!!! I hadn’t sold anything for a while when I decided to get rid a few things. A $265 item cost me $65 in fees!!!!!!!
    Almost 25%!!!! IS EBAY HIGH ON CRACK?!?!?!?!?! I will never ever ever sell on ebay again. Everyone says stuff goes cheaper on ebid or craigslist, but after paying all the ebay fees you’ll end up ahead at any other service!!!!