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10 Reasons Why Twitter is Bound to Fail

When you hear about Twitter these days it’s always about it’s incredible success. Twitter’s growth has continued to spike and has had a major impact on the world wide web. How long do you think it’s going to last? Twitter may be in today but in my opinion it’s going to be out in a few years if not sooner.

Here are 10 reasons why Twitter is most likely going to fail in the next few years:

1. Lack of Use

None of my friends tweet, preferring instead to use Facebook. When I see that I’m one of the few teenagers using Twitter, in a technologically adept school, it makes me realize just how unpopular Twitter is in our age group. Maybe it’s more popular in different demographics? While searching I came across a report on Mashable showing that only 21% of Twitter users are active. Not only that, 34% of the total amount of users have never even tweeted, while a whopping 73% have tweeted less than 10 times. It begs the question: who really does use Twitter?

2. Poor Revenues

Twitter only recently came up with a way to make money, Promoted Tweets. The system allows advertisers to display promoted tweets in search results and timelines.

The problem is that this revenue system could only work as long as Twitter users are very active. However, as previously stated, only a small percentage of users are active. In other words, this revenue system will be highly ineffective as Twitter slows down.

3. Loss of Interest

Novelty factor was a big portion of Twitter’s success. The incredible growth rate proved just that. As the novelty of Twitter wears out, less and less people are going to stick with it.

4. Bots and Spam

One of my biggest problems with Twitter has been spam. 24% of tweets have been created by “spammy” bots. When I look at my Twitter account, it seems that almost 90% of my timeline is filled with spam. Why would anyone want to continue using a service with that much junk mail?

5. Competition

One word, Facebook. Facebook is the social media behemoth of today and possibly tomorrow. As long as Facebook stays that way, Twitter will never take its place.

6. 3rd Parties

Twitter is too simple and requires too many third party services in order to do anything clever. This has led to the growth of Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, TwitterCounter, Twitter Karma, TweepML and so many other services. This is asking too much of users and most users will not want to do this.

7. The Next Fad

As with most social media networks, competition will take users elsewhere. Even Facebook may be replaced one day, just as Myspace was. It may happen sooner rather than later with Twitter due to lack of interest and loss of users.

8. Fail Whale

I keep thinking, I’m going to have make an oath that I’ll quit Twitter if I see the Fail Whale one more time. For those of you that don’t know what I’m referring to, the Fail Whale is the image that shows up when Twitter is down. About every other time I visit Twitter, the site is down.

9. Lack of Purpose

Honestly, do you understand what Twitter is about? I don’t at all and highly doubt that I’m alone. That same Mashable’s report actually dealt with this issue. 87% of Americans are aware of Twitter but only 7% use it, which shows that a huge number of people don’t understand it.

10. Security Issues

There are potentially major security risks associated with Twitter and as those risks become exploited over time, the brand will become less and less appealing to most people. Recently, major figures have had their accounts hacked, and spammers continually make Twitter unsafe. Atleast it doesn’t have Facebook’s PR problem though.

As you may have noticed this post has become extremely controversial. BeBizzy even wrote an entire post disproving what I stated. 

I just wanted to remind everyone, that I’m not saying that Twitter is a terrible social network. I use Twitter and I find value in it. I’m only giving my opinion why I believe Twitter will not make long term. Please share what you think.

  • Anwar

    The truth is, when it comes to marketing, Twitter sucks. It takes hundreds of re-tweets to get a few hits to a website. So you might be right about this. I hardly use this service.

    • Ben Lang

      Well depends, if you have a loyal following people will actually click. If not, its worthless, which in most cases it is…

  • used tires

    I have personally believed for a while that twitter is bound to fail. It’s a nice concept, but to me, besides the reasons you listed here, I feel like twitter is too much “one sided”, and for the most part, the majority of people that use twitter who receive the most benefit out of it are marketers. The system is just way too basic for its own good, I hope facebook crushes twitter in the long run.

    Till then,


    • Ben Lang

      You bring up a great point, I wonder what percentage of Twitter is filled purely with marketing, probably huge though. I think you’re 100% right.

  • Mark Atkinson

    I’m still learning about the ins and outs of Twitter, but I am determined to use it to it’s full potential.

    I believe it’s a powerful marketing tool and helps you create and sell your brand to anybody who’s interested.

    Personally, I don’t have the time nor inclination to subscribe and keep tabs on everybody’s RSS feeds, email newsletters, Facebook profiles etc. When I find somebody’s blog/website that I really like, I will ONLY follow them on Twitter. For example, I was led to this post by Twitter, had I missed it on Twitter I might never have seen it otherwise.

    This allows me to centralize all the information coming in, whereas I would be wasting time keeping tabs on other networks as well.

    That being said, I only follow people who really interest me and provide me with the information I need. In my opinion, “compulsive following” as I call it, is not the cool way to do things.

    I want followers that are interested in me, not ones that follow me because I followed them.

    Great controversial post though. It’s obviously sparked a great debate and that’s what good bloggers should aim to do. :)

    • Ben Lang

      Sounds like you’re using Twitter correctly. One of the problems I have is that I follow over 8,000 people, meaning that my home and inbox are pure spam. It’s difficult for me to see what you’re seeing except by using lists, which is kind of a pain.

      It really depends on how you use Twitter and I think that most people don’t use it correctly which is the problem…

      Glad you enjoyed this discussion :)

  • Forex Robots

    I have read many articles that Twitter is down again and again. This is a common event that is frustrating to use Twitter. If you do not blame the World Cup when everyone shows a lack of preparation for the twitter page.

    • Ben Lang

      So have I, the World Cup put it down so many times.

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  • Claire from Newbury Park Limo

    I think most of the people who use Twitter has something to promote:celebrities, marketers, and businesses. I really would like to use Twitter consistently, but only a couple of my friends use Twitter. So I find it hard to stick around.