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5 Not-to-be-Missed E-Mail Marketing Techniques

Figuring out the best methods to bring in customers to your online store is essential to make profits and keep a business running. You might have tried social media, SEO optimization, and affiliate marketing techniques to some degree of success. But if you haven’t tried email marketing, you need to understand how it can work for your business. Luckily, email marketing by iContact and other providers makes email marketing easy.

Email is the perfect marketing strategy to stay in contact with existing customers, offer discounts and sales promotions and announce company news. By using a transactional email service with tracking, JangoSMTP gives a company flexibility in soliciting online sales and uses mass email delivery to reach more customers than ever before. To get the most out of your email marketing software, follow these five tips below for great email campaigns.

Email Tip #1: Make Emails Engaging

Customers who receive your emails will click them open if they engage the viewer, from the subject line to the body copy. According to Search Engine Journal, it’s very effective to use a personalized subject line and follow it up with an entertaining email that offers tips, business news and the latest information that the customer can use. Not every email has to be about selling your products. Offer a mix of content, video clips, images and slogans to grab your customer’s attention.

Email Tip #2: Send To Existing Customers

Email marketing works best with customers who know you. So start emailing to them first. New software helps you to link info gleaned in a PayPal purchase to your email marketing campaign software, according to Business Review USA. In this manner, you can contact customers who already have an interest in the products that you sell. They will be more willing to open and read your email, and perhaps share it in their social networks.

Email Tip #3: Offer Special Promotions

Don’t just focus on the hard sell. You can offer customers special promotions and contests to bring them back to your business web site. According to Business2Community, a great way to get people to read your emails is to create a game around your promotion. This could take shape in the form of hiding a promo code in the body of the email and whoever finds it first receives great savings when shopping at your website. In addition, contests to win free stuff will always have people reading and sharing your emails.

Email Tip #4: New Product Announcements

New product announcements via email are one of the best forms of communication to reach existing customers. Use email to communicate product changes or updates to existing customers. With this method, you keep your customers informed and more willing to continue shopping at your site.

Email Tip #5: Upsell And Reminders

Other types of email marketing tricks include upsells and reminders. Upsell messages involve offering accessories to the product that the customer has already purchased from your site. Reminder emails are sent to customers who have previously bought a certain product to let them know supplies are low. Customers love these types of email reminders, because they offer conveniences. They already love the product, so they are willing to pay for accessories or continued purchases of the same item.

When used in smart ways, email marketing can bring you increased sales from online customers. You can even ask your customer to opt into your list for future offers. This shows that you care about the customer’s business choices and that their business is vital to your company.

  • Jamie Chennells

    I think one extremely important lesson to consider throughout is to “uderstand what is working”. No matter the industry or campaign, marketing analytics will tell us a lot from every email that is sent out to your customer, and it is extremely important that we squeeze as much information out of this data as possible. For a rookie, Analytics & Quora are your sidekicks.

    • Jamie Chennells


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