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5 Reasons Fiverr Sucks for Sellers

Following our popular post on why eBay sucks for sellers, I decided to write a similar post on Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that allows people to post “gigs,” or services they are willing to complete for $5. The concept is simple but, in my opinion, still has many flaws.

High Commission

Fiverr’s revenue comes from commissions, but taking 20% right off the bat is unfair. Fourer would be a more accurate name for the website. After Fiverr has taken a piece of your earnings, PayPal takes one as well. If you were to cash out every time you received $4, you would be charged 2%, or $0.08 by PayPal. Bear in mind you can only withdraw after a “safety clearance period of 14 days,” so if you’re in need of quick cash this shouldn’t be your go-to method.


Fiverr is full of spammers and cheaters. There are a huge amount of gigs guaranteeing thousands of LinkedIn connections, Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Not only are these offers absurd, but the illegitimate ways they go about completing them are ridiculous. These users harm Fiverr’s reputation.

Likewise, people can easily create fake buyer accounts and purchase from themselves in order to leave positive feedback. Not only is this incredibly misleading for buyers but it’s unfair to legitimate sellers.

High Expectations

When buyers first arrive on Fiverr they are amazed at what they can buy for a mere $5. These people soon forget that everything costs only $5 and immediately expect $500 results. For example, how long do you expect me to work designing a logo when I’m only, in fact, receiving $4? Fifteen minutes if you’re lucky… It’s important for people to remember how much $5 actually is and for them to keep their expectations at that level.


A quick search for creating a logo yields hundreds of results. Many of these gigs are offered by people who have little experience or are irresponsible. Although buyers can filter the results and sort by popularity or rating, the default is “auto” which makes it rather difficult for your gig to be found. There are simply too many people doing the same things. It’s nice to have many options but this confuses buyers and decreases the sales of legitimate sellers.

Illegitimate or No Feedback

The first item mentioned in our eBay post was in regards to illegitimate feedback and it’s ability to ruin someones reputation. The same goes for Fiverr. One negative response can ruin your chances of scoring another gig and push you to the bottom of the search results. Also some people choose not to leave feedback. This happened to me in a situation where I was confident I would receive positive feedback. They decided not to, which decreased my chance of making future sales.


Before getting involved with Fiverr you should know what you’re signing up for. You’re not going to get $5 for every gig you complete and you won’t get feedback, be it positive or negative, on every gig. You’ll find a huge amount of spammers and unqualified competitors. If you do happen to make a sale, be aware that buyers will expect perfection, so do your best to explain your service in advance. Remember, $5 (or $4 in reality) may not be worth your time, if something takes too long you may want to look for other ways to make money online.

Have you ever tried buying or selling on Fiverr?

  • Harryjury

    I have been using fiverr for awhile now and I love it. You really have to think outside of the box when it comes to creating your gigs. It’s nice that it links up to paypal so easy. Check out my gigs on my profile

  • fiverjobsite

    I quite agree with what you are saying, so we as a company have taken the microjob platform to the next level by creating a new improved seller friendly enviornment and with the help of others to collaborate with each other you will see greater rewards.

    We are crowdspec Ltd, We have nearly created a website called fiverjobsite located at but with a difference that you will notice straight from the off.

    Why not take the time to check out our new website from 6th April 2012 we should be live to the public with the full version online..

    For those who find it a little difficult to sell their jobs and the sellers who have put hours of work in and feel they should be rewarded more for their efforts then we are the answer.

    Take a look for yourself..

    CrowdSpec Ltd.

    • support

      We at have created a platform that allows anyone to be rewarded for the more work or jobs they sell or buy, of course buy we can not forget them, without buyers our website would not function. What’s good about our website is that we have taken the time to read peoples reviews on fiverr and fiverr similar websites by listened to peoples arguements to bring you what we feel is the best platform out there today for buying and selling services from £5 and putting all the best bits into our very own website. yes is may not look fancy right now but it takes the whole fiverr experience to the next level..

  • Jib_100

    I already on fiverr in a few month.and now i was 1st level seller.i love this site.checkout my gig

  • Shalu Sharma

    Interesting, selling something on Fiverr is defiantly hard but not impossible. There are good gigs around. 

  • Anonymous

    Veiw our commission chart here to show you what you will earn as an affiliate marking jobs for other members, that you feel are of a better quality. with a rewards scheme to help filter out the jobs that need more assistance view the siteand scheme here:

  • Todd Fabacher

    They just killed my account. I will just use for
    getting the help I need in Public Relations. Not happy. If they do not
    give me my money back I will see them in court.

  • Agamesorguk

    The website is slowly taking shape now with more being added daily, They are adding more to the job page so that the members ‘other jobs’ are listed in a scroll system just like the featured jobs. remember this idea is now unique, no one else has this script on the internet. i love the fact that i can earn money just by selling other members jobs or gigs as they are more commonly called. i just posted 3 links on reddit within five minutes. it was easy all i have to do now is sit and wait for the hits to come in and the cash to roll. The website is new so it may take a little time to get a return but once the jobs are in the hundreds i can post them all over the net. their alexa tank is dropping fast yesterday it was in the 6 mil mark today it was in the 5 mil. not bad for one day. most websites are lucky to get below 10mil in  3-6 months.

    Once the website sells that job i will earn commission for just sharing the link its that easy!!!

    Why don’t you try it out yourself.. the website is

  • Arjun

    Nice one ! I felt Fiverr like that only ! But how to make a gig popular?

  • eGurus

    First, I truly do agree with you, Alex and to make this more interesting, let me also present our Microjob Site called Giggantic – :)

  • kader ahmed

    yeah thats why i use

  • Carfocus

    As a level 2 seller, sometimes I get really fed up with Fiverr and just want to quit.  For the most part the buyers are cool to me, but some people are just RIDICULOUS.  I’m a pretty girl and my gigs are promotional/testimonial and like I said, I usually have no issues and have 100% feedback.  But sometimes I’ll have someone go nuts over me about a $5 order.  “This doesn’t look like your promo video!  You look like shit here!  This is bad!” It’s like you know what, go fuck yourself.  I was paid $4 for this, and 99.9% of people are happy from what they receive from me.  I had one asshole send me a script that i had to read WORD BY WORD for an infomercial product that was questionable at best, and I did a totally stellar job on it, and he told me that it sounded too much like an “infomercial” and started threatening with negative feedback.  I’m like, “You stupid fucking idiot, your product is an INFOMERCIAL PRODUCT.” I didn’t say that, I just refunded him, but I knew he was stealing the movies and just wanted a refund (cheapass).  You will get people on there that will order stuff then complain so they get a free video.  It’s bullshit.

    Fiverr does not protect their sellers at all, only their buyers. For one thing I would like to be able to accept/reject orders.  I get a lot of spam, I don’t do pervvy shit, so I hate it when I get some disgusting order.  I should have had the option.  Holding our money for 14 days is bullshit too.  I have made good money on Fiverr in about 2 months so far (about $1600), but sometimes I’m just sick of it. Oh, and the people that pay more money with extras are always the nicest. ALWAYS.  Its the cheapass dicks that suck. 

    • Fiverjob

      I love it when women gets angry, I fully understand your situation, there are cheap arses about, thats why they go to fiverr for that very reason. Cheap crap. I now use at least they give me something in return. Even when i get a pretty poor buyer, i can still earn points to spend on advertising. so everyone wins. Its not fully running yet, but the idea is great, i am told the points are accumilating already, so why not get started now. earn points just for loggin in and referring members.

  • Suhana Singh

    Terrible customer support. Me and my friends’ money were wrongly deducted,
    ratings spoilt and support didn’t care to reply. They treat sellers like
    pets and disrespect them. They side with only few sellers doing monkey
    dance or with buyers, since money is all they care. All legit sellers
    leave Fiverr soon, and its left with stupid and scam sellers. Stay away
    if you are a seller and more if you are a buyer who doesn’t want to
    throw 5$ in the drain every once in a while. Fiverr is going down fast,
    soon and badly.

    I have been working with http://
    for 3 months now, and its the complete opposite of Fiverr really.
    Amazing admins and support, polite people and most importantly sensible
    and trustworthy with money. Money is transferred within 2 days of order,
    and with 10% commission. Loving

  • mike


  • 3kimberlydawn3

    That’s just the problem! People all look for a “top rated seller’ – so what are you supposed to do if you are BRAND NEW??? They shove you wayyyy in the back, and no one ever finds you. You need lots of friends and fake IDs to get your ratings up…it’s probably the only way, only I refuse to stoop to that level, so I am just burried in the way back where no one ever finds me! Fiverr sucks!

  • John Henderson

    I was just rejected for posting a gig. I found at least 5 gigs that were extremely similar to mine. Double standards? The gigs that were the same as mine were making a ton. I wonder if they have a pay to play thing going on over there

  • Manuel Algaba Pascual

    I recomend http://www, the best fiverr platform in spanish.

  • Manuel Algaba Pascual

    I recomend http://www, the best fiverr platform in spanish.

  • jimmbo

    Fiverr sellers need to remember that the buyers are only buying what the sellers are offering. If the sellers can’t deliver what they promise in a timely manner than maybe the sellers need to find another “gig”.

  • Rahul

    check this out-

    This person got account disabled but managed to get it enabled

  • thegregjones

    I think fiverr is what it is.

    If your expectations are to make a living on fiverr, your sorely mistaken.
    I’ve been on fiverr for over a year, I have 100% rating, only had disuptes with 2 buyers that were easily rectified with customer service. I am a working musician. I look at fiverr as my tip cup that sits on my coffee table in my living room. I sing happy birthday/apology songs. When I play out in bars/restaurants and play song requests from patrons, I’m lucky if they tip at all. Here, on fiverr, I get song requests, and I’m paid a minimum of $4 per song. That’s before my extras. To date, my highest paid single gig on fiverr was for $75 after all negotiation, back and forth with the client. Time put in total was about 1 hour. You can’t complain with that kind of payment for doing work sitting in my living room…for something I love to do…and let’s be honest, I probably would have been sitting in my Living room with my guitar in my lap any way….

    I think the people who complain about platforms like fiverr should look at their offering/product/gig 1st, and see if it’s a viable, market ready product….and realize your role….Your role on fiverr is that of a servant/order taker. If you offer to make logos for people, set limitations on it. Show your work, estimate how long it takes to make the logo, and charge accordingly. Train your buyer, set the expectation for them.

    And keep things in perspective. fiverr is what it is. It’s a platform to make a little extra scraych…not to quit your day job and buy a yacht. Cheers!

    thegregjones of

  • NingoStingo

    I just joined them, and quickly discovered how sellers get ripped off from even these cheap $5 gigs. You do the job on time, and very well and completely, send in the job, and the buyer rejects it because it “had a mistake”. You ask them to clarify the mistake, they ignore you and skip away WITH THE JOB YOU TURNED IN, and their five bucks too.

    It’s bullshit. There has got to be a better way.

  • Duckus Maximus

    I’m usually the buyer of Fiverr gigs. I know what it is and I shouldn’t expect much but every once in a while I feel totally conned. In this one the Seller purportedly sent my message to 90K followers… I checkout out the handle this is what I got

  • Ryan Fanus

    I totally I agree as I tried Fiverr and only got one client so far. I had beeter luck on other sites that let me go to the buyer rather than the other way around. Fiverr bloiws.

  • David Shields

    Fiverr has a virus. here is a blog post on blogger that shows screenshots of a recent malware scan….

  • Peter

    FIVERR is a siphon business from overseas anyway. Any proud American professional should stay the hell away from them!

    Their very concept is designed to reduce professionals from developed countries to slave away at the same rate as 3rd world countries.

    BOTTOM LINE: $5 bucks ($4 actual revenue, plus PayPal fees, gets you $3+cents for slaving away) in USA can’t get you a value meal, while it feeds an entire family elsewhere. And that’s not taking into account their Nazi-like ONE STRIKE AND YOU’RE OUT robotic-management policies. That means after over a month of sacrificing time and effort providing services worth more than $5, you can be promoted to Level 1 just to get kicked down to Level 0 for a lot of hidden rules.

    Try ETSY or O-Desk, much better service sourcing companies.

  • Business Sage

    They are terrible to deal with. Maybe they are a scam? My story is here:

  • Daniel Barron

    agreed but its really WORSE…at the end of the day you make 3.82 after everyone takes a piece of you….what would do for 3.88 in any other scenario? likely not much…even if you racked up 100 sales ( highly improbable ) that’s still chump change…. im baffled by how this site has earned ANY respect. it makes me think things are worse out there in the world than I thought. if 3.82 is worth your time you REALLY have to assess what went wrong in your life

    • Susan

      First…you’re bad at math. [$5 minus $1 for Fiverr and 2% for PayPal leaves $3.92.] Second…100 gigs is not “chump change”; it’s $392.00.

  • Scott

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  • Copper

    Fiverr never worked for me. I prefer ListingDock now, they have incredible support, excellent quality gigs, multiple withdrawal methods with less or 0% charge. Although they recently launched and traffic isn’t great yet, but it will be. They will be the only market leader in near future.

  • Steve Grogan

    I hate Fiverr. They have started to lean WAY too much in favor of the buyers. No matter how ridiculous their demands, Fiverr Customer Service WILL ALWAYS FAVOR BUYERS!!! They will also tell you that if a Buyer leaves an unwarranted negative rating, that there is “nothing” they can do about it. Well hello, don’t you OWN the site???? Then they tell you to contact the buyer…but if the buyer doesn’t answer, you are SCREWED!!!

    Another site that has a similar model (but JUST started and looks promising) is this: