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6 Conferences for Self-Made Entrepreneurs to Visit in 2012

Being a successful self-made entrepreneur is nothing to sneeze at, placing you on a list of driven individuals with unique insight into the inner workings of business. An entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t come without risks, however, and today’s goldmine can quickly become tomorrow’s forgotten product, bringing down both spirits and finances in one fell swoop.

With the understanding that being a successful self-made business person requires constant learning, improvement and innovation on your part, consider attending one of these six conferences for self-made-entrepreneurs in 2012 in order to stay ahead of your business’ curve:

1. 7th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

7th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Polytechnic Institute of Santarem in Portugal will play host this year to the 7th annual European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, offering lessons and discussion on economic and organizational value creation in an effort to help you to improve your business’ profitability. From low-key home office professionals to researchers and academics well-versed in the complicated workings of the economy, great minds will converge in this capital of Gothic architecture, sharing insight and offering inspiration to all.

When & Where: Santarem, Portugal is the setting for the 7th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, set to be held from September 21-22, 2012.

2. Small Business Expo 2012 L.A.

Small Business Expo 2012 L.A.

Come to sunny Los Angeles, California on November 8, 2012 to attend the Small Business Expo, an event aimed at helping small business owners and self-made entrepreneurs to make better business decisions in their quest for profits. Consisting of a general conference, trade show and networking events, this expo offers all attendees the chance to participate in workshops and discussions while learning about the latest products and services in their niche, building a long new list of worthy contacts all the while!

When & Where: The Small Business Expo conference will be held in beautiful Los Angeles, California on November 8, 2012. The official venue is not arranged yet, so feel free to book your hotel here

3. World Conference of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

World Conference of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Set for September 13-15, 2012 in Tampere, Finland, the World Conference of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs aims to share success stories and tactics in order to inspire excellence in leadership and business vision in its attendees. Invited speakers will offer insight on all facets of being successful in business, helping young people in the prime of their entrepreneurial spirit maintain the focus needed to take their endeavors to the next level!

When & Where: Interested in becoming a leader of tomorrow? The World Conference of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs will be held from September 13-15, 2012 in Tampere, Finland.

4. StartUp Riot

StartUp Riot

Bring your latest business idea to StartUp Riot in Seattle this August, joining other entrepreneurs in presenting their startups in order to garner feedback and answer questions, potentially even attracting an investor or two! This very unique event focuses solely on the presentations offered by entrepreneurs just like you, offering real value to not only the presenters but also the attendees as creative juices and entrepreneurial spirit collide to create an atmosphere of pure inspiration for any self-made person in business!

When & Where: Give your startup a boost at StartUp Riot in Seattle, Washington on August 8, 2012.

5. International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Following great success with its first event, the International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship returns for a second year, this time to be hosted in Singapore, in order to bring entrepreneurs new and old insight on innovation, marketing and the mechanisms that lie behind a successful supply chain design. As the methods of creating value morph and grow with time in our turbulent economic landscape, ICIE aims to keep all attendees ahead of the curve in order to maintain and extend profitability under any circumstances.

When & Where: The unique city-state of Singapore is set to play host to the ICIE conference on July 23, 2012.

6. GROW Conference 2012

GROW Conference 2012

Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia will be the backdrop for the GROW Conference 2012 event taking place August 22-24, 2012. Focusing on the effect of the social web on entrepreneurial ventures and startups, GROW will work to teach participants to stay competitive by continually evolving their marketing strategies in order to get the word out about their endeavors quickly and easily. Workshops, speeches, discussion panels and more will fill this three day event with exceptional learning opportunities for entrepreneurs of all stripes and in all niches, allowing every attendee to leave with renewed vigor, fresh inspiration and an advanced toolset to tackle the everyday challenges that come with being a leader in business.

When & Where: Enjoy Vancouver, British Columbia‘s near-tropic climate from August 22-24, 2012 while attending the GROW Conference.

  • Erik B.

    Thanks for the information! I’m currently working for a startup and this is a very valuable resource for us. 

  • Becca

    Attending events and talks soothes the mind and refreshes our knowledge. Setting workable
    goals motivates us to do our best and strive hard in whatever we do.