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10 Sites To Find Employees For Your Startup

The success of a startup depends on hard work and a bit of chance. Through trial and error entrepreneurs find and perfect their business model, only to be discouraged when they cannot find a team to execute their ideas. Finding the perfect team leads to finding the perfect balance. The balance all of us entrepreneurs seek is often just clicks away…buried in a world of spammers and unreliable, incompetent workers. Here is a list of 10 sites to help you on your journey to find the perfect balance.


  • Elance – Elance has built a reputation for itself as the leading job marketplace on the web. Thousands of employers and freelancers have found work on Elance. Their platform can be used to find just about any sort of worker, from freelancers to big companies specializing in different fields. You might not find a CFO, but most other specialized jobs can be posted and fulfilled with confidence.
  • oDesk – oDesk is known as one of the biggest outsourcing sites on the web. They house freelancers and IT specialist from across the globe. You will find cheap outsourcers, but be aware, and make sure you go over everything you need accomplished with the outsourcers. Sometimes oDesk outsourcers are hit-or-miss.
  • Guru – Guru is a lot like oDesk. It seems to be more reliable than oDesk, and they go out of their way to prove legitimacy of their freelancers. You have the option to browse profiles, look at feedback and reviews, and use escrow as a payment option. I find their site to be more streamlined and reliable than oDesk.

Classified Sites

  • Craigslist – Craigslist is the number one classified sites in the world. I have, personally, found many useful workers to do anything from buildings sites to working as a virtual assistant. The pitfall with Craigslist, though, is the amount of spam you’ll receive. I posted a job a few weeks ago and received baited e-mails and unqualified applications. Runing a quick Google check on applicants is not a bad idea, and will save you mounds of time dealing with someone who is a unqualified.

Social Sites

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn  is not only a wonderful, professional networking tool, but an excellent marketplace of sorts for entrepreneurs looking to hire for their startup. The benefit of LinkedIn is the amount of information you are exposed to on each user.  Reference checking is a breeze as well as gathering contact information. It is one of the best platforms for finding professional work that exists on the web.
  • Twitter – Though not generally considered a platform to find work, Twitter is a powerful tool for networking and finding unique, and useful employees. I found a VA (virtual assistant) on Twitter just by posting a hashtag with keywords. You also have the luxury of browsing through their tweets and visiting their site without requesting anything.

Job Boards

  • Monster – Monster is a fierce presence on the web. You will find extremely qualified workers with the references you need. Monster has targeted posting options, and social media integration to stay notified with your listings.
  • Jobs.Mashable – Mashable dominates the social media world, and for good reason. With a mass of articles and news they are a major player in the internet world. Although sometimes an overlooked feature of the site, Jobs.Mashable is a unique and effective platform to find startup employees and social media assistance. Because of their niche and reader demographic, the odds of finding a qualified employee are massive.

Recruitment Services

  • Zirtual – Zirtual is an online hiring platform for Virtual Assistants. It works by using terms and conditions you specify and turning around to locate a VA that suites your needs.  This is a good service for those who do not want to spend all day looking for virtual assistants.
  • Snthy – Snthy is similar to virtual, but it’s service is more broad. Snthy works as a “recruitment concierge service” and finds qualified applicants to fulfill any need you have… whether that be finding a VA, or a CFO. This is an excellent service if you hate posting ads, riffling through countless spam, and dealing with unqualified applicants.

Whether you are looking for a VA, or a head of marketing, the sites above will connect you with the most useful services on the internet. By connecting you with exactly what you are looking for, you can finally strike a balance to ensure your startup will be a success.

What are some other way to find employees for a start up?

  • Ricardo Nuñez

    That’s a nice list. I have used craigslist and and I got good experiences with both. I think posting your own ad and using social networks can help. Also, depending in what is the start up need there’s some large blogs with some solid job boards (like mashable).

  • Josh O.

    That’s the key…finding the platform that accommodates you for exactly what you need. Agreed.

  • Andrew Walker

    Hei Josh. This is an interesting article you have here. I was looking for some employees for my new company, and I’ve been wondering where I can get qualified persons for that. You really helped me with this article. Thanks a lot.

  • Josh O.

    Hey Andrew. It really is a gamble if you don’t know where to start. That’s what led me to start my business. So many people become frustrated and just give up and their business suffers for it. Glad I could add some wisdom!

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    Wow I like the sound of that perfect balance… It is indeed a hard task but when you get it all the success and ease will follow.

  • Niladri @ SME BackOffice

    In case you are looking for an offshore team to help in growing you startup. Do give us a shout and we will love to discuss!

  • bubblegum5865

    is there anyway i can find a site on stpes to find employees?

  • bubblegum5865


  • Recruiting & Staffing

    These are great resources for trying to find new employees. Our agency, DAVON Wright Recruiting  & Staffing Solutions find top talented professionals for companies nationwide in many industries.

  • sales jobs

    These are good resources

  • Kyle Petterson

    Great post, thanks for sharing these resources. In additional to the list is where you can find full time employees for your start up. When hiring employees sometime conducting only an interview is just not enough to determine the capabilities an employee to do work. One of the best things to do is give them a short test that is also related to the job that will test not only mentally but also their skills and experiences.

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  • Diana

    You can try also (for UK) and (for US)

  • Parinda


  • ukstartupjobs

    For UK based startups our jobs board offers a free resource for startups which are hiring.

  • Kieran O’ Leary

    I’ve used Elance and to great effect in the past. is a good jobs website for startups. Upstart Jobs lists startup jobs in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. You also get to use the integrated applicant tracking system when you post a job. Standard job postings are free.

  • Andrew

    Great information, thank you. Elance is the most reliable place to sell your services. Also add ListingDock to the list, they will be leading marketplace in near future.