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10 Inspirational 21 And Under Entrepreneurs

Some of them have skipped four grades. Some have already launched over ten startups. Here are ten extremely successful entrepreneurs aged 21 and under. These are inspiring people with tremendous achievements.

Daniel Brusilovsky

Daniel-Brusilovsky-Young-EntrepreneurFounder of Teens In Tech Labs which recently launched a startup incubator. He’s worked for several other startups.

Notable: Worked for TechCrunch and many other startups.

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Jessica Mah

Jessica-Mah-Young-EntrepreneurFounder of Indinero, which received over $1 million of funding. Launched her first startup at the age of 13.

Notable: Enrolled in college computer science at age 15.

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Brian Wong

Brian-Wong-Young-EntrepreneurHe’s working on which was funded by True Ventures. He’s also skipped four grades.

Notable: Former head of Business Development at Digg .

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Mark Bao

Mark Bao-Young-Entrepreneur18 and already launched 10 internet startups. His goals are to change the world and be worth over $10 billion.

Notable: Founder of which he recently sold.

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Gloson Teh

Gloson Teh-Young-EntrepreneurGloson is a published poet. He also runs a popular blog where he share his tips.

Notable: Met the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Fraser Doherty

Fraser-Doherty-Young-EntrepreneurFounder of SuperJam, a jam company which made sales of over $1.5 million last year. He’s also published his own cookbook.

Notable: Awarded Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

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Stephen Ou

Stephen-Ou-Young-EntrepreneurAt 15, he’s already launched five entrepreneurial projects. His latest venture is OhBoard, a whiteboard Google Chrome app.

Notable: Creator of the viral iTunes Instant.

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Hunter Owens

Hunter OwensDirector of marketing at Accelsor. He’s the board member of quite a few other startups.

Notable: Founder of MyTechQuestion.

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Robert Nay

Robert-Nay-Young-EntrepreneurRobert is a self taught app creator. He’s behind Bubble Ball, the app that surpassed Angry Birds on iTunes rankings.

Notable: Developer of Bubble Ball.

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Glen Allsopp

Glen AllsoppCreator of ViperChill a very popular blog on “Viral Marketing.” He recently launched Cloud:flood.

Notable: Named top young blogger by RetireAt21.

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