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Top 10 Blogs on Making Money Online

This is a list I compiled of the “Top 10 Blogs on Making Money from Blogging.” In other words, these are the blogs to go to, when you have a question on how to make money from blogging.


A blog teaching people to make money online.

Dosh Dosh

Making money online and great internet marketing.

Income Diary

Learn to make money online and work from anywhere around the world.

Shoe Money

Teaching you skills to pay the bills.

John Chow

Helping people make insane money online, from experience.

John Cow

Making money online and Internet marketing.

Carlo Cab

Make money online with this genius kid, Carl.


Young entrepreneurs making serious money online.

Copy Blogger

Copywriting tips for online marketing success.

Daily Blog Tips

The greatest tips on how to blog and earn money online.

  • tempo dulu

    But it’s a pyramid structure: only a few bloggers can make decent money. The rest make peanuts.
    .-= tempo dulu´s last blog post: Obama Bar, Jakarta =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Unfortunately, that’s the case for many bloggers but it should be your goal to make it to the top of that pyramid!

  • mk akan

    i read 5 of the blogs in your list.they are really great.problogger,dosh dosh,copyblogger,johnchow and shoemoney..will check out the rest.
    .-= mk akan´s last blog post: 8 Ways to Say The Same Thing Without Writing The Same Thing =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Nice, I definitely recommend that you check out the other 5. Enjoy!

  • Jack

    I also like the following: because he would blog right before starting a project, and give updates. You can actually see the progress he makes. He’s transparent with what he does.
    .-= Jack´s last blog post: Accepted Into NVTC FastTrac Program =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Great suggestion, thanks for sharing!

  • milliondollarbaby

    still needs a little work but my site will be up there one day

    • Ben Lang

      You’ll be there one day ;) Keep trying.

  • Szonyegtisztito

    Nice collections..
    1-2 blog’s maybe very interest…

    • Ben Lang

      They all are interesting in my opinion.

  • Pauline

    What a great list and I must agree I follow many of them but a few are new to me so I will investigate those. Thanks for your top 10, I just wish I was there :)
    .-= Pauline´s last blog post: Writing posts with unique content =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks, enjoy! I hope so too, maybe one day :)

  • Bloghology Network for Bloggers

    Excellent resource! thumbs up!

    All the above are “The true Blogging Leaders”

    Dont forget to join Bloghology Network. Similar to Facebook but targeted to Blogging and Bloggers needs

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks! Bloghology sounds great, I’ll for sure look in to it.

  • ron

    this is a very great list of blogs that anyone that wants to make money online can use . Some of these blogs will take some people a long way because they are so helpful . Thanks for the amazing post

  • Indian Marketer

    Nice list of top money making bloggers. However, i am a big time fan of Darren @Problogger

  • Asankahene

    Thank you Ben…this is what i was looking for…

  • Rennie123

    Hey Ben..This is my blog…if you have time plz give a look at it!!!

  • taran

    You have shared great list of sites.These are great list, these blogging sites are making lot of money.Thanks for sharing this list.

  • Vasilis Pasparas – Publisher

    another interesting website for connecting with other likeminded people.

    check it out

  • tait_marsh

    thanks for sharing a great set of list with us seems really helpful

  • Nduduzo Hopewell

    affiliate marketing is good. ever heard of sfi its the best

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