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The Pros and Cons of Rebranding

Changing your brand’s name can be a great move or a turn into a disaster. In any case, it’s a risky endeavor. I would like to share the pros and cons of rebranding, after having moved to, which was a mix of challenge, excitement and frustration.

For me, rebranding meant essentially, a new name, purpose, look and feel for my blog.

New name

Firstly, coming up with a new name was challenging. I was looking for a name that had to with entrepreneurship, was catchy and short. All the obvious good names that I found were taken. With the help of some friends, we finally came up with “EpicLaunch.”

New purpose

In order to be more successful I decided that I had to redefine the purpose of the blog. Rebranding gave me that opportunity. EpicLaunch wouldn’t be a random mix of posts, instead articles on online businesses, entrepreneurship and social media geared towards young entrepreneurs.

Look and feel

Logically, to add to the excitement of the transformation I decided to improve the look and feel. I decided against changing the principal design and instead slightly improved it with new features.

Transferring domain

Moving the blog itself to the new domain name was an absolute nightmare. Day after day, I went through different complex tutorials and none of them seemed to work. After ten’s of hours put into this, with generous help I finally succeeded in moving the blog to the new domain. After that it was only a matter of repromoting the blog, and changing the name in every necessary place.

The bottom line

So was it worth it? After so much time and frustration? Well so far I could tell you that in my case it has been. EpicLaunch has grown, there are now much more readers joining every day, there’s a dedicated, hardworking team of regular contributors, people love the new brand, and it’s now in good position to expand.

Even though I have to start all over with my Pagerank, Alexa, Compete rank, incoming links, I know that it will pay off in the future.

Remember rebranding your business is not a process that you want to go through unless you have a really good reason. I recommend that you invest a lot of thinking initially about your brand and name in order to avoid having to fix it later on.

Here are the main pros and cons of rebranding:

Pros of Rebranding

Fitting Brand

A business evolves and sometimes ends up being very different than the initial idea or brand. If that’s the case and the initial name has become irrelevant, rebranding is the right move. In my case, I felt that I had to change my blog from a personal name to a general brand in order to include all of the guest writers that were joining.


Changing your brand is exciting and energizing. In some way it’s a bit like entirely relaunching your business. If you convey that message to your customers or readers, they will also be excited. Excitement is fuel for a business.

Cons of Rebranding

Loss and Confusion

Rebranding could result in a loss of customers or visitors due to confusion and other factors. If the transfer is no’t done correctly no one will understand what happened and drop your old and new brand at the same time. It happens all the time, even to huge corporations such as Tropicana, Capital One, Pepsi, and AOL. It’s important to keep in mind what your customers will think of the new brand. If you don’t, you could make the same mistake as these 10 companies.

Complicated Process

Changing the brand could be very complicated, legally, technically and logistically. It must be done in a way that everyone understands what’s happening.

If you’re ever interested in rebranding and need advice please feel free to ask.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website

    Hi Ben,

    I think your blog is a lot, lot better now.

    I really like the whole re-branding that you have done.

    The name of the blog is just fabulous ‘EpicLaunch’. I also like the logo and design that you gave to the name.

    Thanks for sharing your experience regarding re branding!


    • Ben Lang

      Hi Nabeel,

      Thanks, I agree, the results show it. Glad you like the name as much as we do :)

      Hope you learned from my experience.


  • BigJohn

    You needn´t lose out on all your incoming links and pagerank, just 301 redirect all the urls on the old site to the equivalent page on the new site. Then, if anyone lands on an old page from an old link and bookmark, they will redirect to your new site.

    • Ben Lang

      I’ve been told 2 different things, so I’m really not sure what happens with incoming links/Pagerank. But from what I could see I’m starting over with both of them unfortunately.

  • Roland Millward

    Hi Ben

    You have taken a risk but as they say “a turtle goes nowhere unless he sticks his neck out”!

    I wish you well Ben and will keep tweeting and commenting as much as I can to help out.


    • Ben Lang


      Great quote, 100% agreed! Thanks so much :)

  • Mike

    Oh man, I just changed my domain name from to and I can say it’s a horrible experience. It’s like I lost everything, although I’m still at the beginning of the process. Thank for this helpful post and I think every one should really consider things that you have mentioned before rebranding.

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah that’s a big move. It requires a lot of courage and work afterwards. Good luck Mike with rebuilding your new brand.

  • Shirley Osei-Mensah

    Hi Ben, this is a great topic that you’ve touched on today. Really great article. Rebranding sometimes can be difficult and can sometimes go smoothly as you’ve said above and I believe that if you follow all the right tricks and rules you’ll have a successful rebrand.

    It’s great to see that you made sure not to lose any of your blog readers by redirecting your old url to this new url. I knew you’d do that :).

    Glad to see that you’ve finally added your blog’s twitter username to the retweet button :). Good job :).

    • Ben Lang

      Hi Shirley, yes very much so. Thanks, and yeah I took your advice into hand :)

      • Shirley Osei-Mensah

        Great!! :)

  • Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing

    I’m glad it all worked out for the best, but why didn’t you just forward/mask the new domain over to the old?

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks, if I had just forwarded it, there would have been a lot of problems SEO’wise. I’m not an SEO expert but I think I made the right decision, after consulting with a lot of people…

  • Samuel

    Nice post ben! Yea re-branding do bring about loss and confussion, thank God your blog is getting better. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks, for sure. Yeah I’m glad also :)

  • Mani Viswanathan

    As Nabeel mentioned, even I think the re-brading thing has done good to you & your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your views on the pros & cons. Will ping you when I plan to re-brand. :P

    • Ben Lang

      Great to hear that you agree. Sure thing, would love to hear from you if you decide to rebrand a business of yours.

  • Alex@nichesitemarketing

    Hey Ben, Keep missing you on Skype, and I never saw the site prior, but I do LOVE this post mate, and I think the new brand and direction has HUGE potential.
    ALso – you inspired our friend Mark Bell, and THAT is brilliant man, the power of your brand has already started to spread :)

    • Ben Lang

      Hey Alex, yeah, Skyping with you right now.

      Glad you like where we’re heading. Hopefully you’ll stick along and watch us grow!

  • Will

    Hi Ben,

    The new site’s great but I have to say I was surprised by your rebranding. I thought the old (ha ha) BenLang focus was very fresh, positive & vibrant. But glad to hear it’s all working well – I was a little bit worried it might not.

    Best wishes


    • Ben Lang

      Hi Will,

      Thanks, well we’re trying to keep it just as fresh, positive & vibrant :) Most people seem to be happy, thankfully. Best regards.

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